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When it comes to direct mail services, we are confident that no one does it better than Qr Code Home. With over 5 successful years behind us, we bring the knowledge and experience to offer your company a full-service, turn-key direct mailing solution. Qr Code Home delivers a broad array of mail services to help any organization reach its goals. Whether your direct mail piece is as simple as a 5 x 7 postcard, or as complex as a multiple item media kit, Qr Code Home can target a specific market by selecting income, zip code and many other options.

Up to 12 Piece Machine Insert
UP to 16 Piece Hand Insert
Kit Building
Envelope Kits
Credit Card Affixing (and other items)
Post-it Notes
Shrink Wrapping
ZIP code sorting
Drop Shipping
Inkjet Addressing
Label Addressing
Postage Affixing
Live Stamps
In-Line Meter
Hand Assembly
Perfect Match
Collating & Nesting
Cold Glue/Fugitive Hot Glue
List Buy/Rent
Data Cleansing
Data Management

advertising with qr codes

Places to advertise - Marketing ideas for small business - Ways to market your business - ways to promote your business

Advertise With Qr Codes - Locally

Our business marketing ideas involve concentrating on creating cheap but effective advertisements. The main objective in our advertising is cost effectiveness when compared to magazine, print and radio advertisements but reaching more number of people at the same time as you try to figure out how to promote your business. Hence bing advertising is often considered as one of the best advertising campaigns for any business looking for online popularity. Read More...

Advertise with Qr Codes, Business Marketing Services

Advertising With Qr Codes - Viral

Get More Page Likes: Reach people who aren’t connected to your Page yet. You’ll be asked to design your ad including headline, body text and image. Promote Page Posts: Promote a specific post; giving you increased reach and increasing your chance of placement in the news feed. Get New Users: Get more app installs for your Facebook App. Your ad will show to people who are more likely to install your app. Increase Attendence: Increase your Facebook Event responses. Your ad will show to people more likely to join your event. Read More...

Places to advertise - Qr Code Magnet - Qr Code Car Advertising

Advertising with Qr Codes on Cars

QrCode Home has taken its place among the many top online advertising agencies that are competing with each other on an everyday basis. All over the world, advertising is considered to be one of the best ways of promotion. We at QrCode Home precisely show you the different ways to promote your business. Our unique business marketing services will specifically cater to your needs whether it is about starting your new business, diversifying into a different product range or expanding to cater to different category of customer or be it getting an understanding on how to budget your money. Read More...

Advertise with qr codes-direct mail - tips

Places to advertise

Launching a direct mail marketing campaign can be an expensive endeavor, but the cost is well worthwhile if you are able to achieve the results you desire. In order to ensure you get the best results possible from your direct mail marketing campaign, keep these 5 simple tips in mind.

Advertise with qr codes - marketing mailer

If you operate a business or an organization, chances are good that you will find yourself needing to enlist in the help of bulk mailing services from time to time. After all, if you plan to send out hundreds of even thousands of mailers, using bulk mailing services makes it easier for you to take advantage of bulk mail rates, which will reduce the overall cost of your mailer campaign.

advertise with qr codes - make it personal

It doesn't take a marketing genius or a direct mail services expert to realize that personalizing your mailers is an effective way to grab the attention of the recipient and to increase the chances of getting the recipient to take action. But, while there is no doubt that personalizing your mailers is an effective marketing strategy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to make certain you are not violating laws.

advertise with qr codes - nonprofit

As a nonprofit organization, finding ways to save money is of the utmost importance. After all, your organization depends greatly upon the donations that are made by others, so you can't afford to use your funds in a frivolous manner. At the same time, you need to be regularly working on obtaining additional funding for your organization.

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